weblogger.el Enhanced !

Hooray !

After a few hours struggling with parenthesises, I finally managed to patch weblogger.el and xml-rpc.el to have those critical missing functionalities.

Now the default is to post as “Draft” when i use C-c C-n or C-c C-p so i can just prepare some text and save it for later. Changing publish state should be done explicitly with C-x C-s which calls the weblogger-publish-entry function, for not changing it C-c C-c.
Note that i said changing the published state, because at least on WordPress it switches from Draft to Published but also from Published to Draft with C-x C-s … i am unsure about the behaviour of other APIs.

I will have to do some work on this latter this week end …

Most importantly is the support for categories. It now display the categories in the header as “Keywords:” which you can set to one or many as a “, ” separated list. For example this post is “Keywords: Emacs, intarweb”.
The only thing i don’t see how to implement right now is auto-completion for the category names. Perhaps an emacs guru could have a look …

Another *minor* issue is that the API doesn’t provide any way to create new categories, which means that i *will* have to go on that slow web interface just for that. But how often do i need to change my categories anyway ?

Finally, on the would-be-nice list are clickable links in the header that open the preview page or post page. The URL is there, it just lack some hook in Emacs. Then attachment processing … the API seems to support it.

I also thought of markup support, but i guess it should just be installed in the blog site, processing “markup X” to HTML to “markup X” seems to be the perfect way to invoke Cthulhu bugs. So i would rather have mmm-mode support and use Emacs HTML capabilities.
I found that i almost don’t need HTML, at least on WordPress and for “just text” posts, because it formats paragraphs nicely without P tags.

This time the files are uploaded in my Emacs Hacks page.

Happy blogging !


19 Responses to weblogger.el Enhanced !

  1. Andy C says:

    This is excellent patch and works fine when posting to my (hosted) WordPress blog.

    One minor problem is that the WordPress Title isn’t populated with the Emacs Subject header when posting a new article.

  2. Just found this after seeing your comment on Sacha Chua’s weblog. I’d be happy to add you as a comitter on Savannah if you’d like so that you can add your changes to the official xml-rpc.el and weblogger.el … just send me an email with your Savannah ID. Otherwise, would you mind if I added it?

  3. […] Update:这里有一个更新版本,用wordpress的同学最好使用这个。 Trackback url : u can trackback from your own site « 我们喜欢用倒装都 […]

  4. Sivaram N says:

    Same with blogger. There is no title in the posts that come up on the site.

  5. S says:


    I am finding it a bit confusing to decide which Weblogger.el version to download, what with so many of them floating around.

    Where is weblogger.el being developed, if anywhere? Could you submit your patches to “upstream” if it exists, or else against the version on emacswiki which says “Version 1.2”, but is called Version 1.6 elsewhere?


  6. Niels K. says:


    When I’m using any xml-rpc.el I find in the net and try to set up one of my blogs I get only:
    Symbol’s function definition is void: xml-print
    Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this problem?

  7. m. says:

    Hi, is there any way to include HTML markup in a post that I’m writing with weblogger?

    Everything gets transformed (e.g. “<” to “<“) and I can’t format my page. It must be weblogger.el doing that — I think I set my WordPress not to do that, in any case, it doesn’t for stuff that I enter in the textfield.

    It wouldb be especially great to have this combined with HTML, but I think it worsk if I just turn it on with M-x html-mode on the fly.

    Else, this is a great functionality to have. Thanks!

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  9. The one being maintained is on Savannah. If you find something newer than what emacswiki says, then you should update the Wiki.

  10. Uwe Brauer says:

    I try to use weblogger under xemacs 21.4.19 mule,
    I want to connect to my local machine where i have wordpress installed
    (defcustom weblogger-server-url “http://localhost/wordpress/xmlrpc.php”

    however when setting up
    via (weblogger-setup-weblog), I obtain an error which is to long to attach it here it start with
    Debugger entered–Lisp error: (error “Selecting deleted or non-existent buffer”)
    set-buffer(” *URL*”)
    (save-excursion (set-buffer xml-buffer) (when (fboundp …) (url-uncompress)) (goto-char (point-min)) (search-forward-regexp “<\\?xml” nil t) (move-to-column 0) (let* (… …) result))

    of course I downloaded xml-rpc.el!

    I tried to contact both authors via email so far without success
    if somebody could give me a hint, I would be grateful


    Uwe Brauer

  11. jwickers says:


    I am glad it works for some, and sorry it doesn’t for other. But i am not maintaining it for several reason:
    1. i now use emacs cvs
    2. wordpress is only working via TOR for me which i won’t bother to setup with emacs
    3. wordpress is not always working even with firefox and TOR (i sometimes get misterious error)

  12. […] 目前的做法還是透過 xml-rpc 加 weblogger,後來找到有人針對 wordpress 的修改,安裝上並不難,只需稍微自訂一下就可以使用。 […]

  13. […] 目前的做法還是透過 xml-rpc 加 weblogger,後來找到有人針對 wordpress 的修改,安裝上並不難,只需稍微自訂一下就可以使用。 […]

  14. […] 目前的做法還是透過 xml-rpc 加 weblogger,後來找到有人針對 wordpress 的修改,安裝上並不難,只需稍微自訂一下就可以使用。 […]

  15. […] can even post directly to this weblog. Now thats cool. « Your Moment of GMap […]

  16. […] default version of Weblogger mode seems to have some problems as listed in 
Emacs Wiki, but the patched versions from jwicker work great! The next section describes the Emacs configuration needed to setup offline […]

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