Wipha Typhoon in Shanghai

Yesterday was supposed to be the coming of the dreaded Wipha Typhoon. The day before the news channels announced that schools would be closed, people should be careful, …

However in Shanghai city nothing special happened. In fact there was bigger rain on Tuesday than on Wednesday and while everybody was fearing that the storm would hit us with more strength yesterday, there was little rain and maybe just stronger wind.

Indeed as the Associated Press reported, the typhoon seems to have hit China a bit south of Shanghai and lost most of its might overland before hitting Shanghai.

Apparently the broad annoncement on TV, radio, traffic signals, as well as closing schools and evacuating the part most at risk helped keeping the casualties low.
But in Shanghai yesterday it seemed that somehow the municipality did not think that “typhoon” and “torrential rains” would be a good enough reason to stop their road cleaning trucks to spray water over the roads.


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