Hello ze Intarweb!

September 12, 2007

I finally found the motivation to open a blog so I can share my rants with the world. And this first post is actually a good place to start ranting about … blogs … and China.

I’ve chosen WordPress not because I think it is superior to other blog platforms, but simply because i know it will be accessible from “inside” China without having to use Tor …

I would have chosen Google Blogger since i already use many Google applications, but blogs hosted on blogspot.com are Firewalled® (but not the site http://www.blogspot.com).

Ironically Google Reader makes my life a lot easier by fetching the RSS Feeds of all those dissident web sites (a lot of KDE developers do not suspect they are political threats) from behind the “Great Firewall of China”©.

Or maybe those who hacked the Pentagon cannot implement a proper censorship…